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Biology Lessons

Science 9 is no longer offered at Thorp High School due to curriculum changes. It was last offered during the 2014-2015 school year. This page will remain live for historical purposes.

The Chemistry of Life | The Cell and Cell Cycle | Energy in a Cell

Course Resources for...The Cell and Cell Cycle

notebook organization

  1. The Cell and Cell Cycle Learning Targets
  2. Cell Type and Structure Notes
  3. Cell Diagrams
  4. Cell Growth and Reproduction Notes
  5. How does the length of the cell cycle vary? Problem-Solving Lab
  6. How Cells Reproduce - Study of Mitosis Investigation Lab
  7. Control of the Cell Cycle Notes
  8. The Cell and Cell Cycle Review Questions

learning resources

  • key The Cell and Cell Cycle Review Question Key: ALL (pdf)


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